The purpose of this group is to help distressed animals in weather colder than -15C. But actually anytime as well.

If anyone sees a cat or dog in this condition please take a photo and post with a description, the exact address and any other notable observations on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/edmcoldweatherrescue.

We'll have a volunteer with some experience in catching such animals attempt to do so. With dogs, we will assist you to contact Animal Control.

We are a community group, not a registered charity or non-profit organization at this time.


Al Buttnor
Brenda Webb
Shaundell Neufeldt
Tereasa Neufeld
Gabriel Fantino
Fay Swann
Tanya Leise
Mel Lynne
Our dear friend Christine Bjorklund who loved all animals and is no longer with us