Bottle Donations Always Welcome

The last month and a half have been incredible as far as the number of pregnant cats needed to be helped this year over last.  We have taken in at least 5 moms and allowed them to either have or take care of their kittens.  Now there are over 40 kittens that will soon need vetting and forever homes!

The out-pouring from our group members to help has been fantastic.  We have received at least 10 applications for new fosters and people have been generous financially to help the cause.  This has been reported on our Facebook page.

However, we are asked if we are going to be doing another bottle drive soon.  The truth is we don't have the time to pull them off successfully.  With 101 cats in care, up from a big fat zero at this time last year, we are hard-pressed.

That is why we have partnered with Skip the Depot to help us with bottle drives.  If people use their app on their phones, use our account link, they come and pick up the bottles and we get the money without services fees which are usually 30%.

That is great news!

If you wish to donate your bottles to us, just click on the button below.

Donate your recycling button

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