Hi, my name is Bagheera.

I was dumped off up around Mundare and the person that found me gave me food and shelter.  Now I am in Edmonton looking for my furever home. I can come across as ferocious but I am a big softy. I just had a rough start before being taken in so it has taken me some time to let my guard down.

I am a big goof and am really starting to love the good life. I love to rub against my temporary guardian’s legs, arms, back, feet…anything but hands. I will allow them to touch my tail with their hands but everything else is off-limits for now.

I get along great with young cats as I am full of energy and love to play. My favourite things to do are play with the other cats I live with or any small toy that I can bat around. I am very talkative and purr loudly when happy.

I am startled easily and I don’t like loud noises or fast movements.  New people scare me but with time I will come to check them out.