Cheeto was caught on camera trying to warm himself and get food in one of the traps that ECWAR had set in the industrial area in the middle of one of our winter cold snaps. His eyes were barely open and he looked in rough shape.

Once trapped, it was determined that he had a severe respiratory infection and entropion where the eyelids turn inwards. When he would look at you, his eyes looked so painful and he could barely keep them open.

Cheeto has had surgery and is like a new man. Based on his demeanour, tail broken in two places, and trauma to the ear, we believe that he has suffered much abuse and was then dumped.

Today Cheeto wants nothing but love, won’t let his guardian out of his sight, and is the gentlest of all the outdoor cats his temporary guardian has ever had the privilege to foster. He gets along great with other female cats, kittens, and doesn’t seem at all fazed by a big clumsy boxer.