Hey, I’m Cosmo, a handsome young male Maine Coon born last November. I was found a few months ago in an alley, alone, cold, and starving.  I was very underweight.

But now I am very healthy and fully vetted, ready for my furever home.
You should know that I love to play, jump, climb and run around with my foster mates.  I growl like a cougar when I really get going.    While I am very high energy, I am able to entertain myself after everyone else goes for naps. A home with another kitty or kitties I can wrestle, sleep & play with is something I would like. While I get along with other cats, I have had limited exposure to dogs but did not freak out.

I love affection but only when I want it, very Maine Coon-style.  I’m going to be a very large boy once I am grown up.