Born March 2022

Spayed, vaccinated & microchipped

One word best describes Finley. Firecracker. She is full of energy and confidence, knows what she wants and won’t let anything or anyone stop her from getting it.

She is loving and affectionate but it must be on her terms. If she is not in the mood, she will let you know with a meow that will break the sound barrier. Because she is fiercely independent and will sometimes use physical means to protest if you infringe on that independence, it is probably best if she goes to a home where there are no small children.

Finley lives with 5 cats, 2 of which are also ECWAR fosters, and a dog, who is her best friend. Finley gets along well with other cats but she can be quite pesky when she wants to play and can be a bit of a Tasmanian devil when she gets going. If you’re looking for an independent girl who can take you or leave you unless she wants to cuddle, Finley is your girl.