This is Hope. She’s a beautiful tripod tortoise shell calico approximately 1 – 2 years old. She is missing her front right leg but doesn’t let that slow her down one bit.

She is used to other cats and is very able to defend herself, but takes a while to warm up to others (cats and people included). We are not sure how she is with dogs.

She wants to love you and when in the mood will melt into you while being pet or cuddled. She does tend to flip flop in her personality though, one second she exudes love, the next she wants nothing to do with you and will let you know that.

She is very vocal when she flops into a leave me alone mood (very growly, and may hiss) but never bites or scratches. This is steadily getting better with time but she would do better with someone experienced with cats to be able to read her moods.