Jasper is approximately 6 – 7 years old. He, along with his two sons, were rescued from an unstable living situation in January 2022 and were thought to have been left alone in the apartment for over a month. Upon landing at his guardian’s home, Jasper had an angry expression on his face and really kept to himself. He would only eat, move around, play, etc when no one was around and he certainly had no interest in coming anywhere near his guardians.

But as weeks went by, Jasper has come more and more out of his shell, his eyebrows have unfurrowed and he has a softer expression.

Jasper is a calm cat, and less snuggly and vocal. He enjoys sitting at the foot of the bed instead, close but still at a distance, and he likes a very specific amount of pets before he lets you know he’s had enough. He would do best at a home without young children. He is such a cute chunky sweetie who would make a great companion for someone who wants a cat who will pretty much do his own thing indefinitely, then come around for attention on his terms.