Jill, also called Jilly, is a spayed black and white, short-haired, female born early 2016. She was rescued in downtown Edmonton on a -30 evening, just before Christmas. Although Jilly lets out a big hiss when you approach her, her “bark is worse than her bite” – actually, she does not bite at all. She is warming up to human touch and loves a good cheek and chin scratch.

She does seem to fear direct eye contact though (even if slow blinking or hooding your eyes), so no staring, please! She loves fancy feast canned food and will lap it up gently from your hand, but often looks for reassurance of safety before eating – waiting until you gently stroke her head or cheek. Clearly, her life on the streets was rough, but she is making progress in her socialization. She startles easily and will respond by hissing; however, she also calms quite quickly.

She likes to have a safe space like a box that she can retreat to but will sprawl out on the cat tree or cabinet if all is quiet. She would need a quiet home willing to give her space, but committed to continued work with her socialization.