Meet Kalypso and Ella! They are a bonded pair. Kalypso is a 3-year-old fixed male and Ella is a 5-year-old fixed female. They are absolute sweethearts.

Ella is just a little doll. She can take some time warming up to you but once she does she is a little cuddle bug! She seems so tiny and she has the softest fur. She has some mad skills when it comes to jumping and playing with toys!

Kalypso is a beautiful male! His fur is so soft as well. He is also a major cuddle bug who has the cutest meow. It is not one you would expect from him!

They are very down-to-earth cats, they don’t need too much just your love! They are thankfully past the kitten phase and like playing a bit and also napping and cuddling. They need to go together because that is all they have known, they are very bonded to each other.

They have been around dogs before so that is not off the table for them!