Hello! My name is Kenna! I once had a family that loved me or so I thought until one day they left me outside and never came back.

My trust since then and with being on the streets has been broken with humans. I got pregnant and had a litter of kittens on the streets. I did my best to keep them warm, sheltered and safe before we all got rescued.

I am a very good mom. I love my babies. I am a small timid female but I am calm and curious. But I am still skittish with humans coming up to me and because of that I am not used to being petted but more and more every day I am coming out of my shell.

I love Whiskas treats. Despite me being so skittish, I have a very gentle nature and I do not bite, scratch or claw – that’s not in my nature, I am just scared.

But if you give me time and patience. I will learn to trust again and love you with everything I have! I would do best in a quiet household. I get along well with other cats.