Lily (Tux) & Lyle (Siamese) were born late summer 2021.

Siblings, go figure right! They are each others’ shadows. Lily is a firecracker and Lyle is the wise introvert. It would be so nice to see them find a home together ❤️

They both love exploring the house and once they have done that, they’re content to relax. Lily makes sure she can see you but is close (she seems to like the back of a chair, perched high) and Lyle gets lost in snuggles (he’d definitely snuggle all night). They both have really strong motors. Lily likes to talk. Lyle’s a strong silent type.

They are both litter trained and like a clean bathroom. Cat scratchers, feather toys, jingle balls…doesn’t matter, they will play with you and on their own. Wrestling together is a favourite too. They are getting along well with their guardian’s resident cat and dogs. They will hide and hiss, but that’s all part of setting boundaries and getting comfortable.

We bet if they were the only two in the home, they’d be in heaven! That does not mean they have to be, based on what their guardian has seen.

These two will make a fun addition to your home and become your best friends ❤️