Born July 2022

Will be spayed. vaccinated and microchipped in June 2023

Maggie was dumped on a farm with multiple other cats. She was taken into care with 4 other cats on April 3/23. She was heavily pregnant, as well as three of the others.  All had their babies within two weeks of being taken in.  Maggie had her babies on April 6th, 2023.

Maggie loves to lay on your lap and gives kisses. she’s very talkative and has lots to say.
She is shy and scared at first, but when you show her it’s safe, she is a lover. She is tolerant of other cats, and with proper introduction she maybe OK with a friend.

Even though she was living in a barn after being dumped, she loves indoor life and is adjusting well.  Maggie would be a great addition to any home.