Marmalade, also known as Mr. Peaches, is a sweet orange male tabby who is approximately one year old. He has a lovely peaches and cream complexion and looks like a little lion with his broader head and shoulders and narrow waist. This might be why he has a partial lion cut on his tail which has starting to grow back in. Marmalade was found wandering around outside in north Edmonton before being brought into ECWAR’s care.

Marmalade is very affectionate and loves to play, snuggle, and get pets. Marmalade will play with most toys, either by himself or preferably with his human! Laser pointers are one of his favourite toys, followed by small fluffy balls, hair ties, and catnip toys. Once he gets accustomed to a new place, he will jump on your lap and settle in with a deep purr. He especially loves head and neck pets and makes sweet cooing sounds when he sees you. He has a good appetite and isn’t picky with his food. Marmalade would do best in a home where he gets lots of attention. He is good with other cats, especially females, as long as they like to wrestle and chase.