Hi! We’re Moon & Midi.  We’re both females and were found living in an abandoned house back in January — we were 9 months old at the time. It was very cold, but a sweet little girl brought us home in her jacket. We’ve been living with our foster family since she found us.

Midi is definitely the more introverted between the two of us. She loves sleeping under the bed & inside closets. If you can’t find her, don’t worry! She’s just curled up in a nice dark space. Midi may take a little longer than her sister to warm up, but once she does, she is extremely affectionate & cuddly.

Moon is very social & friendly, it doesn’t take her long to warm up. She loves to play with running & climbing being my favourites. Moon is also quite the cuddler, when she really needs a hug or cuddle, she’ll stretch up her front paws to you. If I’m not cuddling you, I’m probably curled up with Midi.

Midi & Moon have a very strong bond & would really prefer to stick together.  They’re best friends. We would also do very well in a household where it’s just us & our owners!

We’re okay with other cats but would prefer being just the two of us.