Hi, my name is Petri, and as it suggests I am a small girl. I was born in November of 2021. Don’t let my size fool you though, I am full of energy and love to play with my siblings.

I get along well with the resident cat and dog; they know I am the boss! I am not a lap cat yet, but I do enjoy pets and snuggles.

I love wet food and eat my dry food very well. I am excellent at using my litter box. I prefer the clumping litter, even though my foster human keeps putting down the non-clumping type. I just use the resident cat’s litter box with the good stuff!

I tolerate getting my nails cut, my foster human always praises what a good girl I am after they are done. Until I am very still though, I get my feet handled a lot. They are ticklish, so I sometimes squirm. It is getting better though.

My favourite toy is a sparkle ball, I bat it all over the house. I love to climb the tall cat tree and watch what is going on around me. I am very curious; let’s be curious together!