Born: April 2021

neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Will is one of the many special ones that we get here at ECWAR.

Will has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). With FIV, Will can still live a normal life.  FIV is typically transferred through deep bite wounds.

In addition to Will’s FIV, he was living a pretty crappy life until being rescued in April 2022. He was on the mean streets and had the fresh wounds to prove it. He was starving with ear mites and worms, traumatized and scared.

But today, he is fully healed and looking for nothing but affection and playtime. Will has just learned to trust humans and absolutely loves to be petted once he gets to know you. In fact, he doesn’t want you to ever stop.

He loves watching YouTube videos for cats and playing with anything that moves. He is in pure heaven just be have love and the freedom and safety to play.