Our Cats Never
Had a Home Before

It wasn't our intention to get into helping kittens and cats find their forever homes. We just wanted to rescue them.

But it soon became apparent that finding them a home, a forever home, was part of the job.

Saving moms & kittens from enduring the winter outside

We have endeavoured to help as many stray cats as possible get off the streets, particularly new moms and their kittens and unneutered females.  We couldn't bear the thought of these animals having kittens or caring for them in -25 weather.

Attempts to find owners

We have attempted to find any owners of the adult cats we have through postings on the various lost pet pages on Facebook.  However, the people who found these cats generally told us that they had seen them outside for months and many had already advertised for the owners for weeks. They didn't have a licence, weren't microchipped and almost all were unvetted.  Cat abandonment is a terrible problem in Edmonton.  For all intents and purposes, they never had a home.

Taking cats that are lost to the ACCC

We are taking any cats that appear to be lost or have had an owner there.  We have reunited several cats with their owners without doing so as we have our own chip readers and were able to reunite the cats with their owners very quickly and successfully.  Fortunately, the owners had been responsible and had chipped their cats.

Success in helping older cats a better life

We have had some success in socializing some of the older cats on this website who initially seemed semi-feral or feral.  So it would be cruel to put any similar animal in the position of losing their life.

Kittens born on the mean streets or left in garbage bins getting a real home

The majority of our friends on this website however are kittens born out on the street or in the wilderness.  Many are not even from the Edmonton area.

We took it upon ourselves to not only rescue these animals but to get them vetted, into temporary care and ready for a loving home.  So you may read about the Garbage Bin 5 and the Southside 6 and the Barrhead 4.  They did not have a good home life from the beginning.

Many thanks to people that care

Many excellent people have donated either their time or finance, some both, to give these cats a chance at a better life.

We hope you are looking for a friend who needs love and care, who might need time to adjust and who definitely needs your help.