Our Homing Process

The process for homing the cats in our care is as follows:

  1.  You fill out the homing application, choosing the cat you would like to home.  Please give us as much detail as possible about why you want to home and made the selection you did.
  2.  We will contact you and may ask questions about your home and current pets or pet ownership history or things that seem relevant to us.
  3. There may be multiple applications for the same cat and we will inform you of this and ask if there is another choice.  We may even suggest a particular cat as more suited to you.
  4.  Our selection will be based on what we think is best for our rescue cat.  We may determine that our cat or cats, due to their history, may not be right for you.  Please see our Homing Policy.
  5.  If we decide that the relationship has a good chance of working out, we will put you in touch with the cat or kitten's temporary guardian so you can find out more about them.
  6.  If you wish to proceed, we will ask for our standard amount for reimbursement of vets fees to be e-transferred to us.
  7.  If the cat has not been vetted, we will make arrangements to get this done.  This includes spay/neuter, the first round of shots, deworming and microchipping.
  8.  We may or may not do home visits depending on the current health situation in Alberta.  We may ask for a video tour of your home.
  9.  At our discretion, we may determine at any time and for any reason that the application may be terminated.  This may cause upset but our interests are for our animals.
  10.  Once the cat has recovered from the vetting or if the cat is already vetted, we may make arrangements with you to home the cat for several days to ensure all is going to work out.
  11.  If it does not, we will determine what should happen next - whether a homing is possible or another cat might be more suitable.  Should the homing not work out at this time, we will return 50% of the vet reimbursement fees.
  12. The microchip will be registered in the name of our rescue and should we be contacted that your cat has been found, we will contact you.
  13.  Anytime in the future, we will accept the cat back.

Standard Reimbursement for Vet Fees is $225.   Our reimbursement fee for our older cats is $50.


If the name of the cat you want to apply for is not in the "NAME of CAT(s) you want to provide a Forever Home" list below, choose CAT NOT ON LIST and add the name of the cat when you are filling out the "Why are you interested in homing our rescue cats?" field.  If you wish to adopt more than one cat, add the other cat names there as well.