Barrhead 5

The Barrhead 5 are five kittens that we were contacted about by the new property owner of a farm north-west of Barrhead.  The sad history is that a large colony of cats inhabited the area and more than 200 were shot by neighbouring property owners. The new property owner wants to help the remaining cats and save the kittens. So we agreed to take and find homes for the kittens.

Lymburn 5

These are a mom and four young kittens that were being fed outdoors by concerned cat people at a housing complex in West Edmonton. The mom had been there for the most part of the year, either abandoned or a stray. This cat family was living in a hole under one of the townhouses. When the cold snap happened in October, there was a concern for the health of the kittens and that the mom Starr might get pregnant again.

Southside 6

The Southside 6 are six kittens found hidden in a garden under the front window of a home south of Ellerslie. They were only a week or two old when discovered. We were able to catch the mother Kenna the next day while keeping the kitties fed with KMR or kitten milk replacement. According to the homeowner, Kenna was from a previous litter born outside between two homes. The next day Kenna’s sister from that previous litter showed up and she joined the party!

Northgate 3

These three cats had been wandering around the Northgate area for three to four months if not more and being fed by homeowners. They thought Zoe was the young kitten of Nala but they are probably just friends. It was thought to get them off the mean streets before the cold of winter set in. Trooper, an older male, was seen over the same time with a serious, bloody gash to his neck and frostbitten ears. He needed to be helped. Per the vet, the neck wound came from a fight with another cat. It was not infected, fortunately. It turns out he is such a sweetheart.

Garbage Bin 5

The Garbage Bin 5 are five kittens that were found at the bottom of a garbage bin several months ago in north Edmonton. A cat lover heard the muffled meows of the kittens and saved them. They are now safe, sound and getting love and socialization.

Londonderry 3

These beautiful kittens were found outside a few months ago with their mother Duchess in the Londonderry area. One of their siblings has already been adopted as well as their mother who socialized after about four weeks.

Wabamun 3

Snickers and her three very young kittens, Tabitha, Lucy and Autumn, were found out on a property by Lake Wabamun. All of them are relatively small and cute and had some health problems from coming in from the wild. Snickers is now adopted and named Ruth. Tabitha has been frail but captured the heart of her foster mom who will now not let her go. Lucy and Autumn are beautiful and petit, looking for fun and a great home!