In January 2020 we filed a Freedom of Information request with the City of Edmonton for the Animal Care and Control Centre's policies relating to the euthanizing of animals and a list of the animals euthanized in 2021.

After getting assistance on this issue, we received these earlier this year.

The total euthanized at the ACCC is 345 with 162 because of a medical condition. Birds, rodents and rabbits included.

  • 72 dogs were put down, 14 due to medical, 50 due to aggressive behaviour, 1 no space, 2 humane euthanasia, 5 geriatric
  • 146 cats were put down, 76 due to medical, 11 because they were geriatric, 19 for behaviour, 26 because of aggressiveness/feral, 11 deemed humane euthanasia, 2 too young, 1 no space
  • 79 kittens were put down, 26 for medical, 37 too young, 7 no space, 5 human euthanasia, 3 behaviour

PDF files containing the policies and list of animals are below plus a link to a spreadsheet of the animals euthanized.


ACCC Intake and Rescue Partner Policies

ACCC and EHS Transfer Policies

Animal Euthanized in 2021


Sortable Excel Spreadsheet of Animal Euthanized in 2021