My name is Butterscotch and I’m a kitten from Smokey Lake born in September 2020.  I had a tough start to life as I was thrown from a vehicle with my siblings. Luckily, I was saved by someone who witnessed it.

My right eye has been damaged but I still have a little sight in it as I’m a very resilient kitten. I’m not timid or shy and play well with other pets in the home. I love giving my foster mom cute little licks all the time because I have good grooming skills and am showing how loving and trusting I am. I have my own bed but I love curling up next to my foster mom in her bed for snuggles and usually sleep there.

I like to purr and knead soft blankets when I’m happy and always greet my foster mom with excited meows that show how loving I am. I love playing with my toys and showing off my excellent hunting skills by trying to catch the laser pointer. My snuggle skills are 10/10. Even though I can’t see much out of my right eye it doesn’t stop me or slow me down; “play hard, nap hard” is my motto.

I’m litter box trained, playful, sociable and ready to love you and your family furever.