Bella and Lioness (Nessie) are a sweet pair. Their meows are dainty and purrs are plenty.

Bella isn’t as shy as Nessie is, but once she sees that Bella is loving attention, she’ll move in. They both give head butts and rub along your legs. It takes some time for both to get close & we’re still working on cuddles. It’s not something they had in their first year. It’s new, but clear that they enjoy every minute of it!

They are estimated to be just under 2 years old.

Bella is slightly smaller than Nessie & she has some evidence of the harsh, cold weather on her little ears. They are far from aggressive, they love kicker toys and catnip. They have very good appetites and they know that “bedtime” means treats. It’s become a great routine. These two will be getting spayed very soon. They each had their last litter of babies and now it’s time for someone to love them forever. They’ve earned that love ❤️