Hi, my name is Bobby, and I am the only boy in my litter. I am a medium-haired bobtail, and I was born in November 2021.

I am full of energy and love to wrestle with my sisters. I also like to play and wrestle with the resident cat even though he is bigger than me. I get along well with the resident dog too-he likes to chase me sometimes.

I love wet food, and I eat my dry food very well. I also like to munch on the resident dog’s food when he leaves some behind. I am excellent at using my litterbox and I am learning that I should not play in it.

I love to climb the tall cat tree and jump from ledge to ledge. My foster human says I look like a bunny when I run. I am not yet a lap cat, but I do enjoy pets, snuggles and bum pats. I am pretty good (I think) at getting my nails cut. My feet get played with a lot so I think I will be very used to my nail trims soon.

My favourite toy is my cardboard scratcher with a ball that goes round and round! I never can quite catch the ball, but one day I will.