Hi, my name is Chloe. I am a very pretty girl with a very sweet meow. I was born in November 2021.

I like my foster human to know where I am, we have many conversations. I like to play with my siblings, and I zoom all over the house playing chase with them. I also love to lounge in the sun! I get along well with the resident dog and cat; I let them play chase with me, but they are sometimes too big to keep up.

I love wet food more than dry food, but I know I have to eat dry food too. I am excellent at using my litterbox. My favourite toy is my mouse and I carry it around the house letting everyone else know it is mine. I do enjoy snuggles and pets, I like when my foster human holds me high on her chest so my head can rest in her neck.

I am very good when I get my nails cut, I barely squirm at all. I know I have to get my feet touched every day and sometimes I fall asleep, it feels nice!