Simba or little Gerald as his guardian’s call him is a gentle boy. He is the strong silent type.

He is a funny little guy who can entertain himself with his much-loved toys. You can hear him running and playing in the dark even after everyone and the other kitties have gone to bed. During the day, he loves to sit in a sunny window and watch the birds, chatting away at them.

His droopy, dopey eyes will melt your heart. He gazes at you with his big green eyes as if he is trying to send you a silent message and understands what you are saying. He is very much a lover and not a fighter and when confronted, will lie down and show his belly.

Little Gerald is very sensitive to loud noises which startle him. Sometimes any sudden unexpected noise will scare him. He would be best suited to a calm, quiet home where he is the only cat and no young children.