Oscar is our grand old gentleman grouch.  He is about 18 years old but has gotten younger in our care.  He was severely and painfully matted when he was turned into the ACCC and we got him shaved and the additional vet care he needs.  His hair has grown back in but he is scruffy looking like an old hobo.  We are told by our vet that he has hyperthyroidism but can’t be on medication because it would further damage his kidneys.

For practical purposes, this means he eats a lot and doesn’t gain a lot of weight.  He initially liked to sleep a lot and come out when he was hungry, about four times a day. He was pretty frail and listless.

Now he has taken to carousing around the house, going outside in the catio and making trouble with the other male cats.  He’ll accept being chucked under the chin for a few minutes but don’t try to pet him.  He’ll give you one of his patented low growls.

So we’re looking for a very special furever home for him.  He deserves it.  We think he lived a very hard life indeed.