We are not using the terminology of "adopting" and "adoption."  For some reason, the words just don't seem right.

Cats never had owners

All of the cats we have with temporary guardians were found outside, alone and some in terrible shape. The kittens which are the vast majority were either born outside, found in an industrial area or tossed in a garbage bin. Adopting them out does not embrace the purpose of what we are doing for them.

Were not taken care of previously

"Adoption" implies they were owned or taken care of before but that responsibility is now being taken over by someone else. These animals have never had an owner. Calling it "rehoming" would mean they had a home before.

"Homing" embraces the ideal of what we are doing

The truth is they never had a real home before so we are for the first time finding them a "home."

So our terminology will now be "homing," not "adopting" out.

No "adoption" fees but reimbursement for vet costs

It has also caused us to think about "adoption fees."  We are not seeking adoption fees or fees of any kind.

We are asking for a set reimbursement for the average cost of vetting our cats.

This amount plus the donations we receive will allow us to provide supplies for temporary guardians and vetting more outside cats.

Trooper has frost-bitten ears and was found with ugly bleeding wounds to his neck from his long life on the street. He had been seen like that for months by neighbours in the area in which he was found. Thanks to generous donations and vet care, his neck is now healed and he has been fully vetted and "homed" with a loving family who will look after him.