I’m a beautiful calico cat, not quite a kitten but not middle-aged either. Young-ish you could say. I love people and am learning to trust them, despite earlier experiences before ECWAR saved me. Because of this, I don’t trust easily but am learning with the right people.

I’m somewhat outgoing and will check out new people and new animals when they approach me. I’m at a foster home with lots of boy cats, they are ok if they are respectful, but I have no problem letting them know if they get in my face.  I’ll also let you or the cats know if you’re bothering my Mom (Abby), who’s also up for adoption!

I love it when my foster mom checks on me and gives me scratches and I tell her all about my day.   The more cuddling and loving I get, the more I want it! One of my other favourite things to do is nap and enjoy the indoors and not have to worry about the snow outside. Sweet dreams for me while I’m inside!

Because my mom doesn’t need me to protect her anymore, I’m ready to spread my wings into my forever home! I can finally be a kid and not have to worry about us surviving!

Come meet me and see if we’re a match!