Zoomer & Messer are two bonded kittens we received from Ft. Saskatchewan.  They are about 12 weeks old.

Zoomer is the biggest cuddle bug. She is much bigger than her brother and she lets him know it when they are playing. Zoomer wags her tail like a dog and gets the zoomies quite often. She is high energy and needs to be stimulated with toys and lots of human contact. She is very very bonded to her brother and would definitely need to be adopted together. She likes to sleep under the covers and right next you.  She will even give you a lick on the face to say goodnight. She is good with small kids and the sweetest kitten you ever did meet.

Messer is quite the little ball of energy and like his name, he is often into something. He likes to stash your socks and is vocal while doing it. He sounds like a little motor always purring. He has unique markings and the personality to go with it. He is smaller than his sister but that does not stop him one bit. He likes to jump sprint and climb so a cat tree is a must. He is good with small children. Messer is a little more independent then his sister comes for his snuggles and then continues on his way getting into something. He is very very bonded with his sister zoomer and would definitely need to be adopted together.

He is a sweet boy with a big heart and a little attitude…lol